At TBW, we are committed to accuracy and high quality standards to ensure that our clients can trust in the reliability of our Reaction to Fire testing services. 

What is Reaction To Fire Testing?

Reaction to fire testing applies to all building materials. This includes floor coverings, wall finishes, ceiling tiles, insulation, wiring, upholstery, trims and decorations, coatings etc.
All building finishes have to meet a classification according to the building code for: 

  • The Rate of Flame Spread And Smoke Development
  • Calorific Values
  • Self-Ignition Temperatures
  • Flash Ignition Temperatures
  • Non-Combustibility, Etc

Reaction To Fire Testing Standards

At TBW, our laboratories have two Steiner Tunnels and these are the only to service the Middle East region. In addition to this, we have testing equipment available which helps to evaluate compliance with the European EN 13501-1 Classification – including the Single Burning Item (SBI), Cone Calorimeter, as well as a few others needed to evaluate flooring, textiles, plastics, etc.

Our fire reaction test methods result in clear and specific classifications, such as the European Classifications based on EN 13501-1, commonly referred to as Euro-Classes, or classifications based on ASTM E84 test results conducted in a Steiner Tunnel as per the International Building Code.  

Why Choose TBW for Reaction To Fire Testing?

Building Materials, nowadays, have several layers and components. Assessing how their reaction to fire testing needs to be conducted itself requires experience and knowledge. Our expert teams have extensive experience of American and European across several product types.

We offer a well-equipped facility where manufacturers can develop their products to meet the requirements of the regional and International Building Codes as well as project specification led compliance requirements. 

Excellent turnaround times from enquiry stage to testing stage to report delivery.