What is Balustrade Testing?

Balustrade Testing is an obvious and inexpensive check on critical components, particularly when used in public areas. 

The loads that balustrades or guard rails must take are well specified in codes such as the International Building Code and other local codes, it is a relatively simple matter to set up a test to confirm these loads, either in the laboratory or on-site. 

For lab tests, there is the advantage of increasing the load beyond the design figure to evaluate or confirm reserve strength.

Whether it is a glass balustrade or a metal barrier, our team can assist you to demonstrate it meets the performance requirements. 

Balustrade Testing Process 

The balustrade testing process involves loading application on the balustrade or barrier in accordance with specified standard and project loads. The objective of the testing process is to observe and report on any changes to the sample.

Examples of loading:

  • Distributed loads in any direction
  • Point loads
  • Impact loads

During testing, the deflection is measured and compared to the allowable limits according to approved calculations and standards.

Balustrade Testing Standards 

Each project has a different requirement based on material, location and use. Contact our team to discuss your requirements. 

Why Choose TBW for Balustrade and Barrier Testing?

We are accredited for balustrade and barrier testing and have successfully assisted many manufacturers to properly assess their design and demonstrate compliance.

Our team at TBW has over 25 years of experience in Testing, Inspection, and Compliance (TIC).