We are accredited to undertake site chamber testing, delivering accurate and reliable data and reports ensuring project specification are being met.

What is Site Chamber Testing?

Site chamber testing is a controlled on-site test designed to assess the air infiltration or leakage of a building’s envelope or components i.e. curtain walls.

Although it can be difficult to calculate air infiltration in some cases where it is difficult to distinguish between air that is traveling laterally within a system and air that is coming from outside, this type of testing is still considered the most effective way to assess the performance of an installed system.

Site testing can be conducted to assess Air Infiltration, Static Water Penetration and Structural Loading for glazed elements such as curtain walls, doors and window. 

Why Choose TBW for Site Chamber Testing 

We offer a comprehensive range of façade site testing and inspections including site chamber testing to ensure safety standards and regulations are being met. 

Our team at TBW are fully accredited specialists with over 25 years of experience in Site Testing.  We have been tested the most prestigious projects in the Mena Region. 

Our aim is to assist our clients in fully assessing the safety and weather performance of their building envelopes, whether residential or non-residential, whilst ensuring compliance with relevant safety codes and regulations.