Our façade experts at TBW have over 25 years of experience in façade consulting and review. We can assist you with pre-and post-tender consulting, inspection, and investigation.

What is Façade Consulting? 

Facade consulting encompasses evaluating, articulating, designing, and overseeing building facades. Continuously, fresh innovations and trends emerge to tackle material selection, structural strength, energy conservation, and aesthetics. Collaborating with architects, engineers, and developers to enhance the exterior appearance, durability, and efficiency of a building is crucial for achieving a captivating and durable facade of superior quality. 

Premature curtain wall failure means premature building replacement and huge consequential economic loss. That is why prudent developers work with our façade experts to minimise cost and optimise quality.

Why is Façade Consulting Important?

With today’s modern designs, advanced solutions are required for façades. Expectations for quality and performance are exceeded on many projects to meet sustainability and durability requirements.

While the specification includes a ten-year warranty, the owner expects the façade to last for the expected lifetime of the building, which is around 30 years. Façades used to be designed to keep the people in and keep the weather out; nowadays, they also have to give a visual and a technical statement.

Each project is unique in its own way; in most cases, no two façades are alike, and the same applies to solutions and systems. Our Façade Experts have vast experience in the Curtain Wall and Cladding field. We have been exposed to many systems and solutions which we carry with us to each new project we are involved in.

Why Choose TBW For Façade Consulting?

Our façade experts at TBW have worked on more than 300 projects and successfully assisted the team in optimising the design without compromise on quality.  Our recurrent work with our clients and almost 30 years of experience is a testament to our commitment to each project from early stages to handover.