Product Certification is a conformity assessment mechanism that provides a much higher degree of assurance than just a test report. It is mandatory in many jurisdictions and is a prerequisite for trading or utilizing a product. This process begins during the manufacturing phase before the product is despatched from the factory to the market, and continues through the validity of the certification.

The concept revolves around the absence of an inherent correlation between a test report and the product being traded or installed. Essentially, it's challenging to ascertain if the purchased item aligns precisely with the tested one. Certification bridges this gap. An accredited Certification Body (CB), sometimes known as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB), validates factory quality control, selects test samples, verifies the detailed product description, oversees testing procedures, conducts periodic manufacturer audits, issues a certificate along with the authorization to utilize its 'mark,' and includes the product in an online listing portal. Following that, regular visits to the manufacturing facility are conducted for surveillance purposes, ensuring ongoing consistency in the product's manufacturing process.

Certifications should always be checked for validity in the issuer’s listings online; ours can be found at

Product Certification Portal

Visit our Product Certification Listing Portal to find specific listings or groups of listings for materials and assemblies.

What types of products does TBW certify?

  • Fire Separating elements such as fire resistant doors and hardware, walls, partitions, shutters, openable windows and hatches, Building Hardware, glazed elements, etc.
  • Exterior wall assemblies, curtain walls, façade systems, building materials, cladding panels, finishing products & assemblies.
  • Safety Glass
  • Fire-resistive joints, penetrations & perimeter fire barrier materials and assemblies

Our Certification Portal includes more than 500 listed products.