At TBW our expert team offer a range of building consultancy, technical reviews, and inspection services, including both pre-tender and post-tender stages.  

What is Façade Consulting Pre & Post Tender?

Façade Consulting describes a range of services from the project start to handover.

Pre-Tender work typically comprises discussing solutions with the architect/engineer during the concept design phase, and then developing them further throughout schematic and design development stages. A complete output comprises technical specifications and typical details, and subsequently a technical review of tenders. 

During the construction phase (Post Tender), we provide a review of structural calculations, shop drawings, technical submittals, and samples, and we conduct factory and on-site inspections of the work. It has become the norm to include this independent review in the subcontractor’s scope so that payment comes out of the contract sum.

At the post-tender stage, our façade experts help in the verification of systems and submittals, technical consulting, and thorough inspections and monitoring of the Contractor’s Quality Control systems.

Involving a specialist from the initial concept phase through to the final handover holds immense importance. Each phase of the project relies on the preceding one. It's impossible to arrive at the end and attempt to achieve high-quality results without earlier involvement.

Some of Our Services

Glass Consulting

Choosing the right type of glass for the building is not an easy task. Requirements for residential buildings are much different than those of office buildings or hotels. Many trends come to different markets, which might not be suitable in terms of climatic or social requirements. Therefore, our expert team at TBW offer building consultancy and inspection services tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

One of our projects that had unique requirements is the screen between Dubai Mall and the Ski Slope. At the same time, the glass had to provide the proper insulation between the cold environment and the mall area; it also had to give a clear image for those interested in watching the activities at the ski side.

Glass Consulting also includes investigation of spontaneous breakage, distortion, humidity problems and discolouration. Having a façade consultant on board from the beginning could spare many parties lengthy disputes at the end of the project and a clearer expectation for end results

Green Building

With the growing expectations for Green Buildings, many systems such as LEED and Estidama are being adopted and implemented to create a new generation of buildings that are more harmonised with the environment. Building Envelopes are an important component of this equation that can either enhance or reduce the efficiency of this exercise.

Achievement of a green rating for a building is teamwork. During the building consultancy and inspection process our façade consultant will work closely with our clients and other team members to understand the goal they are trying to achieve. 

Targets set by the Sustainability Consultants, Architects, and MEP Consultants should be discussed at early stages.

Proposals to meet the expected ratings can vary from the integration of photovoltaic cells to maintaining the required views to proposing smart shading elements. An understanding of the project nature, budget and intent are very important to achieve the required goals and ratings.

Why Choose TBW For Façade Consulting Pre And Post Tender?

At TBW, we offer a comprehensive range of building consultancy and inspections services including pre and post tender testing to ensure local safety standards and regulations are being met.

Our team has successfully finished more than 300 project with various involvement during Pre Tender and Post Tender stages.

Our aim is to assist our clients in fully assessing the safety and performance of their projects whilst ensuring compliance with relevant safety codes and regulations.