Our façade experts at TBW have over 25 years of experience in Façade Consulting and review. We can assist you with pre-and post-tender consulting, inspection, and investigation.

What is Failure Investigation? 

In some cases, unexpected results occur on projects when it comes to façades. Those can be functional such as breakages, failure, or leakage – or they can be aesthetic such as glass distortion or colour variation.

Our role as façade experts varies from inspections and preliminary evaluation of problems, to conducting full studies and surveys.

Non-conformance to good practice and sound engineering concepts has been encountered during our investigations. In other cases, an issue perceived by other parties to be defective might be within limits acceptable by standards.

Why are Failure Investigations Important? 

Failure Investigations involve systematic examination and analysis of any elements or processes that have experienced a malfunction, breakage, or deterioration. This is to help identify the root cause of failures and any factors which have contributed to the failure. It can also help to develop a plan going forwards to prevent similar failures. 

Why Choose TBW For Failure Investigations?

Whether it is glass breakage, distortion, critical failures, seals or component failure, our team can help with assessment and review solutions.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional and reliable service to assist our clients in fully assessing the safety and performance of their facades whilst ensuring compliance with relevant safety codes and regulations.