Site Testing aims to assess the installation's workmanship and verify its compliance to the project specification.

What is Façade Site Testing? 

While testing assemblies and components at the laboratory validates the design, Site Testing provides assurance that the same elements were constructed following the same principles and with proper workmanship. Facades typically consist of repetitive modules, and incorrect jointing during this phase could pose challenges in rectification later on. Scheduling tests at the project's outset and at subsequent intervals instils confidence in the project team, ensuring they are progressing in the right direction.

At TBW, our expert qualified engineers and technicians provide reliable façade testing services and work closely with our clients to understand the site conditions and the project field testing requirements.

Hose Testing

Hose testing is an important part of façade testing and involves spraying water in a prescribed way at the joints in a system as a check on whether the system is vulnerable to leakage. It does not confirm the performance in a quantitative manner but it is considered a practical method to ensure the joints do not leak.

Site Chamber Testing

Site chamber testing is a controlled on-site test designed to assess glazed elements such as curtain walls, doors and windows for air infiltration, water penetration and structural loading under static pressure.

Pull Out Testing

Pull out test for anchor bolts is a critical façade testing procedure used to assess the reliability and performance of anchor bolts. The primary purpose of anchor bolts is to secure elements such as curtain walls to a building’s structure so it can withstand the transfer of loads such as dead load, live load, wind load and impact.

Whole Building Air Infiltration

Whole building air infiltration testing is designed to assess the level of ‘unintended’ air leakage in a building’s envelope i.e. external components that separate the indoor environment from the outdoor environment.

Balustrade Testing

Balustrade Testing is an obvious and inexpensive check on these critical components, particularly when used in public areas.

Why Choose TBW For Site Testing?

Our testing is provided under accreditation to ISO 17025 and we have successfully provide our services for more than 1000 projects all over the Mena area. 

Our aim is to assist our clients in assessing the safety and weather performance of their building envelopes, whether residential or non-residential and to demonstrate compliance with the project requirements.