At TBW our expert qualified engineers and technicians provide industry-standard façade testing ensuring that your the installation meets the project performance requirements.

What is Pull Out Testing For Anchor Bolts?

Pull out test for anchor bolts is a critical testing procedure used to assess the reliability and performance of anchor bolts. The primary purpose of anchor bolts is to secure elements such as curtain walls to a building’s structure so it can withstand the transfer of loads such as dead load, live load and wind load. 

Pull out test for anchor bolts represent actual loading conditions to check the safety, integrity, and functionality of these components.  

Why Choose TBW for Pull Out Testing?

The first step to successful testing is understanding the loading that the bolts will be subjected to and their correct direction. Precise application at site is also key to providing accurate results.

We have successfully provided our services to more than 1000 projects across the Mena area.

Our aim is to assist our clients in fully assessing the safety and weather performance of their building envelopes, whether residential or non-residential, whilst ensuring compliance with relevant safety codes and regulations.