Our façade experts at TBW have over 25 years of experience in Façade Consulting and review. We can assist you with pre-and post-tender consulting, inspection, and investigation.

What Are Façade Inspections? 

Inspections go hand in hand with Technical Reviews. Having a proper set of approved technical submittals that comply with the Project Specification is key for a successful Inspection Plan. The Contractor should also have a proper quality assurance system in place to comply and implement the comments of the Third Party.

Inspections are recommended to start at the fabricator’s premises. Many components cannot be inspected after units are assembled and transported to site. Inspection of the tested elements before the start of fabrication is very important.

Only a knowledgeable expert can understand the project specification, highlight critical details and decide hold points. In brief, the inspection process is a very complicated process, which should be discussed with the project team to decide how to go ahead and best serve the project.

Why are Façade Inspections Important? 

Approval of quality control plans for fabrication and installation should be done at early stages. Close attention should be paid to compliance with specifications and international standards.

Site inspections start with the installation of inserts and brackets on the building. Each stage requires its own quality control procedures.

Our highly qualified team of Inspectors and Engineers are there to ensure the Contractor is following proper quality control procedures. Compliance with approved shop drawings, international standards, and project specifications is closely monitored to ensure good quality for the building Owner.

Façade Inspection Standards 

In addition to our vast experience and in order to maintain a high level of quality and competency, we are now accredited to ISO 17020 for providing façade inspections.  Industry guidelines such as AAMA and FGMA are often followed in addition to other standards such as ASTM E 2813 Standard Practice for Building Enclosure Commissioning. 

Why Choose TBW For Façade Inspections?

TBW is accredited to ISO 17020 By EIAC and SAAC for inspection of Façades and Perimeter Fire Stops.  Our inspectors are highly trained to inspect each phase of installation from bracket alignment to glazing joint. The team's exposure to local and international codes combined with practical experience qualifies it not only to detect any non-conformities but also to give timely responses to accept solutions by the contractor therefore contributing to the successful handover of the project.